Used Boats

Trailerable Previously owned or Demo/display boats

Previously owned boats offered by Midwest Sailing are backed by a one-year limited warranty. We can afford to do this because we only sell quality boats. We inspect each boat before it is offered and make all necessary repairs. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales and service team will provide information and advice on any additional features, rigging or gear available that would enhance your use and enjoyment of the boat. At time of pick-up or delivery, we provide expert rigging and trailering instruction free of charge. Our service is the best and most complete.

Tow & Go

The “Tow & Go” program provides an economical opportunity on particular used boats which may either require some “sweat equity” to make a boat operational or where market conditions limit resale value. Each boat offered as Tow & Go has been surveyed by our staff to provide information regarding the condition of the available equipment such as the hull, spars, rigging, sails and trailer. A summary statement is provided at the time of purchase (unless otherwise noted) for the purpose of highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a particular boat with the goal of minimizing the likelihood of a “surprise” and to help make a well informed decision. Upon selecting a Tow & Go boat, the purchaser can choose to “Tow & Go” with their boat or obtain parts and/or services based on their needs and skills.

Hobie Lania Kkayak  
9''-0", 2016, one-person up to 250# capacity, sit on toip/self draining, yellow hull, adjustable padded seat, paddle, good condition, 51#

Price: $490
Cash Discount Price: $475

Hobie Kona Kayak  
11''-6", 2016,two-person up to 425# capacity, sit on top/self draining, red hull, two adjustable padded seats, two paddles, good condition, 78#

Price: $775
Cash Discount Price: $750

Holder 14 (Hobie 1-14) Hull only This is a Tow and Go Boat
1987, ivory deck, blue hull, some gel blisters but otherwise in fair condition.

Cash Discount Price: $400