We have berths for boats of all kinds ranging from racks with rollers for small boats such as canoes, kayaks, Lasers, Sunfish, etc., to hoisted berths for pontoons, power boats, centerboard sailboats, and winged-keel sailboats up to 22 feet, our marina is arranged along 1300 linear feet of dock.

Marina Fees – 2020 (Club Membership Required – Click Here for Info)

Small-Boat (Under 14′) Berths Up-Front
Initiation Fee
5-Year Pay Initiation Fee Berth Fee
Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board or Sailboard 55 140
Sunfish, Laser Pico, Pedal Boat
(S Rack)
300 75 330
Laser, etc. (E Rack) 300 75 415
Hobie Wave (S Rack) 300 75 560
Pay a $50 Social Member fee, leave unvested initiation money on account, and maintain your berth position seniority when taking a marina sabbatical.

The large-boat berth charge includes installation and seasonal removal of every member’s boat hoist  and no charge for summer field storage of empty trailers or winter storage of hoist belonging to berthed boats.



Large-Boat (Over 14′) Berths
Up-Front Initiation
5-Year Pay Initiation Fee
If You Own Your Hoist If You Rent
PYC’s Hoist
Approx. Hoist Pricing
Rent Berth
New Used 3
PWC 1200# max 760 190 805 310 1115 1384 Call
Delta for 1400# max boats 760 190 805 525 1330 2509 Call
14′ – 20′ Catamaran w/o wings 860 225 805 525 1330 2509 Call
Toon 20′ or less but not over 2400# 4 1000 250 1650 650 2300 2640 Call
Toons 21 – 24′ 1 1000 250 1650 800 2450 3455 Call
Toons 26 – 28′ 1 1000 250 1650 925 2575 4103 Call
Tri-Toon 4000# x 110″  ‘D/DD’ Row 1700 425 2130 990 3120 4530 Call
4000# x 110″  D/F Row 1700 425 2130 975 3105 4386 Call
5000# x 115″ 24v Elec D Row 1700 425 2130 1600 3730 7760 Call
4000# x 110″  DD Row 1700 425 2160 975 3135 4386 Call
5000# x 115″ 24v Elec DD Row 1700 425 2160 1600 3760 7760 Call
Launch Only Privileges with Southside Yard Storage May thru October: $250
Dock Box Rental for pontoon and motor boat lifts: $ 246/268
The club does not rent electric hoists (except 5000# hoists) and/or hydraulic hoists, canopies, or hoists with side rails. Midwest Sailing is prepared to sell new hoists or retrofits with battery powered winches, canopies for motor boats and hoist side rails. Used hoists are generally available for sale between November 1 and March 15.

  1. This hoist might work for Tri-Toons if under 3600# with an inside dimension of at least 50″ from outside pontoon to outside pontoon and middle pontoons flange mount permits.
  2. If your Tri-Toon or motorboat requires a hoist width more than 110″, please call the PYC office for a price.
  3. Used hoist come with new-hoist warranty.
  4. Toon may need to be unloaded at Transient Dock before berthing.

If you purchase a hoist from a source other than Midwest Sailing, you must confirm with PYC that it will fit!

Midwest Sailing is our sister company located directly across the road and does most of our marina maintenance and has year-round field storage.  Their boat store has some general boating supplies and almost anything one would need for a sailboat as well as docks, boat hoists and kayaks.  They also do repairs (not engines) and installation.

Payment is accepted by cash, check and DEBIT cards from Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Visa, MasterCard and Discover NON-DEBIT cards (reward cards) will receive a 3% auto-up charge those DEBIT caards a 1.5% auto-up charge and American Express is not accepted (even if you left home with it!).

Marina fees are subject to change without notice. All applicants, including those on a waiting list, will be subject to the fees and conditions in effect at the time the marina berth is made available. rev. 11/15/20