Chapin Coaching Award

Donated by the Chapin Family.

This award is to be presented to a person who has over the previous year distinguished themselves by helping others become better sailors. This could be accomplished by instructing classes, seminars, or individual coaching. The person should be nominated by one or more individuals (does not need to be a HPYC member), with final selection by vote of the HPYC board of Governors.

The intention of this award is to promote and recognize individuals who have helped others Improve their sailing skills. Examples can be as simple as a skipper (or crew) helping the other crew members In their boat understand the rules better, or improving their sailing performance. It might be a fleet member giving advice to others in the fleet to Improve their performance.

In nominating a person for the award a simple statement identifying what the nominee has done and how it has helped is sufficient. The board should look at how much time the nominee has spent and to what extent there has been demonstrable change in the person making the nomination.

This award does not need to be awarded annually, but only when there has been recognizable achievement. The trophy is a wall plaque that includes a clock.

Previous winners:

2021 Clark Chapin
2020 Clark Chapin
2019 Tyler Cathey
2018 Tyler Cathey
2017 Tyler Cathey
2016 Forest Rogers
2015 Craig Kivi
2014 Mitch Kimble
2013 Dave Williams
2012 Steve Wiseman
2011 Clark Chapin
2010 Tom Ehman
2009 Forest Rogers
2008 Michael Ehnis
2007 Brian Hawkins
2006 Jim Davis
2005 Tom Ehman, Sr.
2004 Tyler & Felicia Cathey
2003 Clark Chapin
2002 Brook Smith
2001 Doug Kivi
2000 Joel Craig and the Community Junior Sailing Staff
1999 Forest Rogers
1998 Pam DeTullio
1997 Tom Ehman, Sr.
1996 Tom Ehman, Sr. & Tom Ehman, Jr
1995 Tom Ehman, Sr.
1994 Rick Lyons
1993 Tom Ehman, Jr.
1992 The Kunkles
1991 Doug Christensen
1990 The Chapin Family