Exemplary Crew Award

This award is given in honor of Gordon Chapin, in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding efforts as a crew, and as a reminder to skippers and crews alike of the indispensable role that the crew plays in sailboat racing.

The traits to be looked for shall include enthusiasm, dependability, even temper, dedication, athleticism, and knowledge of sail trim, wind conditions, and racing rules. The finishing position of the boat(s) upon which this person served as crew may be considered, but the overall performance of the boat(s) is not a significant factor in determining the recipient of this award.

The recipient will be selected by the PYC Race Committee, but nominations should be solicited from the fleets in advance of the selection process. The award need not be presented annually absent a worthy recipient.

Previous winners:

2021 Elliot Lyons
2020 No Award
2019 Michael Ehnis
2018 Suzy Hawkins
2017 Chuck White
2016 Bill O’Donnell
2015 Tom Kimble
2014 Tom Kimble
2013 Bill O’Donnel
2012 Felicia Cathey
2011 Elona Van Gent
2010 Elona Van Gent
2009 Bill Chapin
2008 Suzy Hawkins
2007 Michele Smyk
2006 Andy Nixon
2005 Matt Kato
2004 Colleen Hughes
2003 Colleen Hughes
2002 Gordon Chapin