Most Promising Beginner

The Walt Rensel Memorial Trophy.

Awarded to any youthful, beginning sailor who displays outstanding sportsmanship, desire, courage, and sailing skill.

This award is understood to be for a beginner among the juniors, but there is no specific age requirement. It may be for someone who “began late.” The award is given only when there is a deserving recipient.

The award is a signed Peter Max print.

Previous winners:

2021 Greg Marion
2020 No Award
2019 Elliott Lyons
2018 Nicholas Marion
2017 Nicholas Marion
2016 Lindsay Irwin
2015 Art Varaday
2014 Erika Auner
2012 Mitch Kimball
2011 Carl Grolle, Jr.
2010 Carl Grolle, Jr.
2009 David Alday
2008 Matthew Bodner
2007 Sam Hawkins
2006 Andy Davis
2004 Corey Petro
2002 Kirsten Petro
1996 Kim Reeve
1995 Andy Hecker
1990 Laura Brooks
1989 Theresa Brooks
1988 Bill Chapin
1987 Tom Poulter
1986 Dan O’Haver
1984 Jenny O’Haver
1983 Dan O’Haver
1982 Neil O’Brien
1981 Kristin Moody
1980 Eric Lochner
1979 Curt Sage