Outstanding Junior Sailor

Donated by Florence Cadwell.

A junior sailor who is outstanding in achievement and sportsmanship. Age requirements for USSA events define a junior: must be 13 but not 18 during the calendar year. The award is given only when there is a qualified and deserving recipient.

The award is a trophy consisting of a sailboat replica mounted on a large walnut cylinder.

Previous winners:

2015 Sam Hawkins
2014 Sam Hawkins
2013 Carl Grolle Jr.
2012 Carl Grolle Jr.
2008 Andy Davis
2007 Andy Davis
2005 Kirsten Petro
2004 Kirsten Petro
2003 Kirsten Petro
2001 Brandi Kivi
2000 Brandi Kivi
1999 Brandi Kivi
1997 Andy McInnes
1996 Andy McInnes
1995 Bill Chapin
1991 Theresa Brooks
1990 Theresa Brooks
1989 Tom Poulter
1988 Tom Poulter
1986 Dan O’Haver
1985 Curt Sage
1984 Dan O’Haver
1983 Doug Moody
1982 Eric Lochner
1980 Julie Scherer
1979 Pete Thomassen
1978 Jill Borton
1976 George Nagy
1975 Rick Lyons