Sailor of the Year

Donated in 1981 by Tom and Leslie Ehman.

Given in recognition of outstanding performance in competition and sportsmanship. Selection is by the Board of Governors with input from the Race Committee. The recipient must fully meet with standards; the award is made annually.

The recipient should have demonstrated extraordinary performance both at Portage Lake and elsewhere. The person shall have been a credit to the club in demonstrated sportsmanship. The award is not conceived primarily as a service award, but the person should have made a “fair share” contribution to the Club programs. The recipient must be a member of both HPYC (PYC) and US SAILING.

Either a skipper or crew may qualify. In fact, the intent is to be especially alert for a crew worthy of recognition. If a skipper-crew combination has extraordinary success (e.g., wins the Adams Cup), it should be awarded to that team. However, it is not envisioned that two skippers would share the award in a given year.

The trophy consists of a ship’s barometer mounted on a pedestal base.

2021 No Award
2020 No Award
2019 Rick Lyons
2018 Bill O’Donnel
2017 Rick Lyons
2016 Brian & Suzy Hawkins
2015 Tom Ehman
2014 Brian Hawkins
2013 Fritz Wagner
2012 Brian Hawkins
2011 Brian Hawkins
2010 Clark and Bill Chapin
2009 Clark Chapin
2008 Clark Chapin
2007 Brook Smith
2006 Brian Hawkins
2005 Bill O’Donnel and Brian Hawkins
2004 Michael Ehnis
2003 Jim Meyer
2002 Brook Smith
2001 Forest Rogers
2000 Barbara Johnson
1999 Forest Rogers
1998 Steve Wiseman
1997 Clark Chapin
1996 Doug Christensen
1995 Clark Chapin
1994 Tom Ehman, Sr.
1993 Tom Ehman, Sr.
1992 Clark Chapin
1991 The Chapins
1990 Brook Smith
1989 Clark Chapin
1988 Dick Weaver
1987 Rick Lyons and Alan Stevens
1986 Rick Lyons
1985 Rick Lyons
1984 Rick Lyons
1983 Rick Lyons
1982 Tom and Martha Ehman
1981 Rick Lyons