The Scot Sportsmanship Award

Presented and awarded by the Flying Scot Fleet.

This trophy will be awarded to promote and improve the quality of racing by acknowledging on the water integrity as practiced by a competing PYC sailor.

FS Fleet 20 proposes that the Fleet Captains of the active racing fleets comprises the selection Committee. The selection process will be completed in the autumn so that the trophy may be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet. Although the PYC Sportsperson of the Year Trophy may be given annually, it need not be awarded in years where a suitable candidate is not available. It is also intended that the same individual not be honored in successive years, as this does not encourage competition for the award.

The following selection criteria are proposed as guidelines to the selection committee:

  1. To be a candidate for the award, the person should he a frequent and strong racing competitor
  2. There should be universal agreement that the candidate is not only a good winner but a gracious loser
  3. The candidate uses his/her racing skill to avoid racing situations with a high potential for conflict
  4. Is known to display a strong sense of fair play and good manners on the water
  5. Enhances the sport by encouraging less skilled sailors and by providing sailing tips and instructions in a thoughtful manner

Previous winners:

2021 Bob Harvey
2020 No Award
2019 Brian Hawkins
2018 Fritz Wagner
2017 Clark Chapin
2016 Craig Kivi
2015 Forest Rogers
2014 Brian Hawkins
2013 Tyler Cathey
2012 Greg Harrison
2011 Steve Wiseman
2010 Tyler Cathey
2009 Steve Wiseman
2008 Bill O’Donnel
2007 Jim Davis
2006 Bill O’Donnel
2005 Dave Moody
2004 Brian Hawkins
2003 Gordon Reeve
2002 Craig Kivi
2001 Michael Ehnis
2000 Forest Rogers
1999 Gordon Chapin
1998 Bill Wagner
1997 Dick Barker
1996 Jim Meyer
1995 Sandy Kunkle
1994 Brook Smith
1993 Gordon Chapin
1992 Don Thiel