The Thomas Lott Award

In recognition and gratitude for continuous outstanding contributions to Huron Portage Yacht Club and yacht racing, and for inspiration to others to follow this course.

Note: This award is not decided by the Board of Governors. The decision is made by the past commodores of the Club.

Previous winners:
2021 Clark Chapin
2018 Rick Lyons
2014 Dave Williams
2011 Fritz Wagner
2007 Tyler Cathey
2006 Carole Moody
2005 Tom Ehman, Sr.
2004 Clark Chapin
2002 Don Thiel
2000 Clark Chapin
1998 Richard Barker
1995 David Moody
1993 Brook Smith
1988 Thomas F. Ehman, Sr.
1985 Gordon and Betty Chapin
1984 David Prior and lb Bentzen-Bilkvist (Flying Scot North Americans)
1983 V.S. Junior Board Sailing Committee
1980 Thomas F. Ehman, Jr.
1978 Martha Ehman
1976 Richard Moehl
1975 Jack Bartlett
1973 John Laird
1971 Thomas F. Ehman, Sr
1969 Lewis Barstow