Laser Racing

Welcome to the Laser Fleet at Portage Yacht Club on Portage Lake. We hope that you’ll join us for some competitive racing, simply fun sailing, and great comradery.

Latest News:

  • The 6-week mid-season Invitational Laser Racing Series is also set to start May 24. Sailors from around the community are invited to join in with the fleet for 6 Tuesday evenings thru June 28.
  • Slalom Racing one-on one elimination series Sunday, June 12.
  • Our fall No Sweat regatta is scheduled on Saturday, Sept 24.


  • Weekly racing begins Tuesday evenings late May thru early September. Multiple races are planned. With a weekly gathering following the racing at a local pub or cafe for some post race discussion, though Covid issues may alter this.

Note: The Official Notices, schedules and other information can be found in the Race Committee notices located here.

Fleet History:

  • Our fleet was established in the early 1970’s soon after the boat was created, with weekly race participation. Our annual fall No Sweat Regatta has been a tradition ever since. In the early years we’ve hosted as many as 60 Lasers at the No Sweat, in recent years about 20 attend.

Training and outreach:

  • On any given evening on land, or on the water, just ask how or what could be done to tweak for greater speed or boat handling. We are always ready to share tips that with practice can tame your Laser making it easier to handle and a maybe bit faster.


We hope you’ll join us on the starting line this season.

Laser Fleet 330
Rick Lyons, Fleet Captain and Communications
Steve Wiseman, Trustee