Boat Hoist Options

Canopy Options
  • Uses a D-Ring system which attaches at each bow with a heavy bungie strap for easy installation.
  • D-Ring design fastens to a web-like attachment sewn inside the entire length of the canopy.
  • Lengths: 20′, 23′, 25′, 27′
  • Standard colors: blue, gray, and white
    Other colors are available as special order
  • 16oz. heavy duty UV resistant fabric
  • Flat seams of the viynl are heat sealed, which alleviates the possibility of leaking or rotted seams
  • Five year limited warranty through the manufacturer.
  • Complete canopies and vinyls

Mechanism Options
Photo Lorenz 4000# Winch
Photo Roll Rite 12 Volt  Winch
42" wheel with 4000# Lorenz winch Lift Tech (12 or 24V)
Photo Aqua Marine Electric Winch
Aqua Marine (110V) (12V) Lorenz Winch (110v) (12V)
FOR 4000 & 5000 LBS LIFTS
Hydraulic Winch

  • Available on 40110V and 40122V vertical lifts
  • 12 Volt (45 second lift) with 48" Rise
  • Hydraulic cylinder is designed not to be submerged in water, therefore avoiding exposure to corrosion, floating debris, and zebra mussels
  • Can be disassembled for repairs
  • Cylinder rod on the hydraulic cylinder is fully protected from corrosion when the lift is in the "up" position.
  • A mechanical safety is standard for long term storage of your boat in the "up" position.
  • Hydraulic oil is fully approved for marine use.
  • Solar Panel and Remote Optional
Photo Hydraulic Unit For Great Lakes Lift Vertical Boat Hoist

Photo Hydraulic Vertical Lift By Great Lakes Lift

Bunk, Guides, & Other Options
lift bunks lift sideguides
Bow Stop, Deluxe Bunks
and Deluxe Sideguides
Utility Bunks (standard on all lifts)
and Deluxe Sideguides
lift toon bunks
Toon Bunks and Utility Sideguides Cantilever Draft Reducer
Motor Stop Axle and Wheel Kit