Level 1

Midwest Sailing invites you to take sailing lessons
that will give you a fast & confident start to your own sailing adventures.

Level 1, taught in the Hobie Wave, provides a stable, forgiving platform to build your skills quickly and efficiently in this "Hands-on" approach to learning. Even in a breeze, it’s easy to manage.

Hobie Wave Sailing Lesson Photo #1
Hobie Wave Sailing Lesson Photo #2

Level 1 teaches the basic fundamentals allowing you (and a friend) to sail on your own after three hours.

Upon completion of your sailing lessons, four hours of practice are also included in the package, allowing time to refine skills and prepare for the next level in the development program:

Level 2 – Master Daysailing in monohulls with two sails

Boat: 13’0" Hobie Wave TOP
  • Stable, plastic hulls
  • Single Sail
  • Wide turning radius & exaggerated maneuverability
  • Minimal Rigging including:
    • Single line adjustment while sailing
    • No daggerboard, centerboard, or keel
Hobie Wave Graphic
Course Focus TOP

Hobie Wave Sailing Lesson Photo #3

  • Single-handed Sailing
  • Rigging Basics
  • Righting Basics
  • Turning the Boat (Tacking & Gybing)
  • Basic Points of Sail
    • Beating
    • Reaching
    • Running
  • Basic Telltale Reading
  • Getting out of Irons
Course Fees Daily Routine Breakdown  TOP
  • $275 Includes: *
  • (3) hours of instruction
  • (4) hours of practice time
  • $304 Normal Rate
  • $29 Savings
  • Includes Book – "Start Sailing Right"

Day 1 2.0 hour of instructions (rigging and sailing).

Day 2 1.0 hour of review/instruction & 1.0 hour of student practice

Day 3 1.5 hours of student practice

Day 4 1.5 hours of student practice


* If a second person takes the Level I course, there is a 10% Package Rate increase because a different boat is used.


Scheduling Information TOP

By Appointment Only

  • Monday – Friday 10:30 – 6:00
  • Saturdays 10:30 – 5:00
  • Minimum $40 fee for cancellation with less than 24 hours notice prior to a scheduled lesson or no show