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2023 Racing Program Last Revised: [php] the_modified_date(); [/php]

2023 marks the 70th season of sailboat racing at Portage Lake, Pinckney Michigan.

Portage Yacht Club (PYC) is one of the oldest sailing clubs in the state of Michigan. We have a proud tradition of competitive excellence in Michigan as well as Nationally. PYC members have won National and North American championships in several classes as well as prestigious US Sailing national championships. Besides this serious stuff, we have a lot of FUN and comradarie.

  • We have two individual Weekly Racing Series; sailed on Thursday evenings and Saturdays at noon. Our series are organized around smaller, single-handed boats, and larger multi-handed boats. Please see the Notice of Race, our invitation to you, and the Registration Form.
  • We offer a short Invitational Regatta Series for single-handed boats in June, for those who would like to come to Portage Lake and sample our program.
  • We organize Invitational Regattas for the Laser, Interlake, and Flying Scot classes where sailors around the State and Midwest come to challenge our local sailors.

We are interested in involving those that enjoy sailing but maybe not sailing right now. If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in the fun from shore or volunteer to participate on the water helping to manage our weekly races, call the Club office at 734-426-4155. For more information we have:

  • Fleet Pages where you can learn more about our Club, Fleet history and the boats sailed and raced on Portage Lake. Plus, you can connect with the leaders of these fleets;
  • Instruction Links Page where you will find a huge assortment of instruction information that’s useful for beginning to experienced Sailors;
  • Our “Mainsheet” Newsletter can be subscribed to which has wide ranging topics. Many racing tips found within and translate to a better day-sailing experience;
Rules ISAF Racing Rules. Sailing Instructions will be available once approved.
Eligibility and Entry Open to class-legal boats owned by or chartered to a PYC member, who must also be a member of US SAILING and the class association. US SAILING membership is included in your racing registration fees. Club membership requirements waived for first-year racers in the Silver and Gold Series. FEE SCHEDULE AND ENTRY FORMS AVAILABLE FROM THE CLUB OFFICE.
Fleets Three entries required for fleet status.
Starting Order Thursday Races: Single-handed; Multi-handed
Weekend Races: All fleets start together
2023 Dates Single-handed Series Spring/Fall: May 25; Jun  1, 8; Aug 24, 31; Sep 7 
School’s Out: Jun 15, 22, 29; Jul 6, 13, 20, 27; Aug 3, 10, 17
Multi-handed Series Spring: May 25; Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Jul 6, 13
Summer: Jul 20, 27; Aug 3, 10, 17, 24. 31; Sep 7
Weekend Series Gold: May 20; Jun 10, 24; Jul 15, 29; Aug 12, 28; Sep 3, 16
Commodore’s Cup Sep 3, 4
Races Thursday Series Three or more back-to-back races. (Weather permitting)
Weekend Series Three or more back-to-back races. (Weather permitting)
Warning Signal for the first race of the day Thursday Series 6:30 PM. Subsequent races: Back-to-Back
Weekend Series Saturday First Race: 12:00 PM, Subsequent races: Back-to-Back
Sunday First Race: 1:00 PM, Subsequent races: Back-to-Back
Other Scoring, alternative penalties, prizes and other details are covered in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Questions, please contact the Club Office during regular office hours.


2023 Board of Governors

Steve Wiseman

Brian Hawkins
Past Commodore

Clark Chapin

Brook Smith

Bill O’Donnel

2023 Race Committee

Jack White
Management Assignments
Briefer – Gold 2nd Half

Brook Smith
Briefer – Spring Silver

Tom Ehman
Permits and Documents

Clark Chapin
Instruction – Race Rules
Briefer – Gold 1st Half

Bill O’Donnel
Briefer – Summer Silver

Marc Gleichert
Vice Chair

Brian Hawkins
Briefer – Spring Silver

Steve Wiseman
Briefer – Summer Silver

Rick Lyons

Bill Foster

Ann Taylor

Other Assistance

Dave Moody
Website Manager