PYC Membership

Membership Categories
Full Full use of PYC for a household of one or two adults and their children under age 21 (born after 1999). Also any of their children under age 24 (born after 1996) who are either in the armed forces or are full-time students at an accredited college or university, any disabled dependents, and a baby sitter. Full Memberships receive a member discount on PYC cottage rental.
Limited Eligibility is the same as Full Membership except this membership precludes Club use on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.
House Eligibility is the same as Full Membership; use of PYC is limited to food and beverage service and transient dock usage when connected to this service, boat rentals, facility rentals, transient dock mooring or easterly rigging buoys and  the sailboat-racing program. No PYC cottage rental discount.
Social Eligibility same as Full Membership; use of PYC is limited to PYC's food and beverage service and transient dock mooring when connected to this service, club events and facility rentals but not PYC cottage rental discount.  Except for use or the above-mentioned dock, this membership's use is limited to the footprint of the clubhouse.
Youth Full use of PYC for an individual age 13 through 20 (born 2000 through 2007).
Sabbatical Available only to members not renewing for the coming season, who wish to reserve renewal privilege without incurring an additional initiation fee upon their return. Sabbatical membership pays the same fee and enjoys the same privileges as a Social Membership.
Dues and Fees
Category Annual Dues Up-Front Initiation Fees 5-Yr Pay Initiation Fees
Full $900 $1700 $425
Limited 575 1100 275
House 250 400 100
Social 50
Youth 75
Sabbatical 50
PYC vests in your membership or berth Initiation Fees at the rate of 20% per membership year. After 5 years PYC is fully vested. Prior to the 5th year initiations are refundable on a per year pro-rated basis.

2020 members who renew in 2021 pay no Initiation Fee. New members, and former members (1966-2020) who have not paid an Initiation Fee pay the full Initiation Fee. Former members (1966-2020) who have paid an Initiation Fee pay the difference between the Initiation Fee paid and the current Initiation Fee. When converting from one membership category to another with a higher Initiation Fee, only the difference must be paid. When a child previously eligible under their family's Full Membership converts to their own Flag membership they pay only 50% of applicable Initiation Fee.

When a member (new or renewing) adds a berth to their membership, there is a Marina Initiation Fee, which is noted on the Marina Fees schedule. If a member changes to a more expensive berth, they pay only the difference between the current Initiation Fees for the new berth and the one they are leaving. It takes five seasons for the Club to become fully vested in an Initiation Fee, at a rate of 20% per season.

Renewal Deadlines / Late Fees Full and Limited Membership renewals are due January 15. Dues and fees can also be paid in three equal installments, the first due January 15, the next by February 28, and the final by April 15 but there is an installment fee charge of $60. Late installments will result in a $30 late fee per each missed due date. Renewals after January 15 are subject to a $75 late fee; after March 1, a $100 late fee; after April 15, a $150 late fee.

Youth, House, Social, and Sabbatical memberships are due January 15. House and Youth late renewals add $30.

Locker Fees Each locker is $55 per season; this includes a $10 key deposit for 1 locker key. Additional locker keys are available with a $10 deposit per key that will be refunded when the key is returned at the season's end.
Guest Fees There are no Guest Fees for the period outside Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day. Within that period there is a Guest Fee charge for an excess of six guests of $3 on weekdays and $5 on weekends and holidays, and no charge for children under 5 years. No guest fees for guests coming only to use PYC’s dining service.
Food Service Minimum PYC has a monthly minimum expenditure requirement of $30 for Limited members and $50 for Full and House members from January- December, or $60 for Limited and $100 for Full and House members from May - October, and none for Social members. Grill, Deli, Club events and members private event food service all meet the monthly food service minimum. Tax, gratuity, and service fees are not included when computing the monthly minimum. At the end of each month members are billed any portion of the minimum that has not been met. (See Rules & Regulations 8.1 and 11.2)

Categories, dues and initiation fees are subject to change without notice. All applicants, including those on a waiting list, will be subject to the fees and conditions of membership in effect at the time the membership is accepted. rev. 11/15/20